Race Karting

Interested in racing?

Stony Creek Go Kart Racing Club hosts monthly club meets and racing days.

For more details and Club Day entry, please visit


Bring your own Race Kart

Stony Creek Go Karts are open all year round for people with their own karts to come and enjoy our facilities.

We have a wide range of spare parts at competitive rates, and valid members enjoy a 10% discount.

If you have an issue with your kart, or if you need any repairs the friendly staff are always willing to help.


Day Membership

1 Driver
Use of track and grid

Please note:
Day memberships are not entitled to all Membership benefits and discounts.

Membership Plan payments are operated by Debitsuccess on behalf of Stony Creek Go Karts.

Drivers and karts must comply with all safety, age and attire requirements and restrictions.

Race Kart and Competition Rules

Drivers and karts must comply with all safety, age and attire requirements and restrictions.

If you have any queries regarding these requirements please contact a Stony Creek Go Karts staff member.


  • Go-karting is a non-contact sport, dangerous driving is not allowed.
  • Only Drivers and Pit Crews to be in track area. Drivers must wear appropriate clothing (fully covered, no loose clothing, hoodies/long hair to be tucked in, etc.). Both Pit Crew and Drivers must be wearing fully enclosed footwear. Pit Crew must be wearing high-vis when in track area. When on track, Pit Crew to position themselves in the designated safety zones unless required.
  • Maintain a racing line at all times (no swerving, to warm up tyres).
  • If drivers in front of you have their hand raised, treat it as a yellow flag.
  • Hold a racing line and try not to block others.
  • Never intentionally stop on track unless prior permission from track marshals.
  • No aided restarting of karts on track during a session or race.
  • When returning to pit area, have your hand raised and take the outside line around the last corner. Keep your hand raised until you have entered pitting area/in grid. Drive in pit area slowly.
  • If for any reason you stop on track or side of track and you're unable to restart, stay seated with your hand up signalling to other drivers to be cautious. Once it is safe, move your kart to the closest safe position. Never leave your kart or trolly in a dangerous position. You may then get your trolley and retrieve your kart.
    Note: Busy periods you may be instructed to wait until the end of the session to retrieve your kart.


Yellow flag / Light

Slow down, take caution and be prepared to avoid a crash. Raise hand to notify other drivers. No overtaking under yellow flag.

Red flag / Light

Raise your hand and greatly reduce your speed, take caution and be prepared to avoid a crash and if needed stop. Return to pit area until track marshal has signalled that the track is all clear.

Green flag / Light

Only used for racing. Signals start of race. Remember you cannot win on the first corner.

Black flag

Track marshal will wave and point at you / hold up kart number. Pull over in a safe manner. If flag is seen raise hand to notify other drivers.

Black & white chequered flag

End of racing. Complete the lap in a safe manner and return to pit area.

Blue flag

Only used for racing. If you are shown the blue flag, continue racing and hold your racing line but let overlapping karts pass unimpeded.

Driver Requirements

  • All drivers must fit the kart properly.
  • Must have own full-face Australian Standards Approved helmet & must be worn at all times & securely fastened.
  • Full length protective clothing (arms & legs must be covered).
  • Fully enclosed shoes (no thongs or sandals.)
  • Bring your own tools, as tools will not be loaned out by Stony Creek Go Karts

Age Restrictions

  • Ages 7‐12 — Comer S60 or Yamaha KT100J or 4 stroke equivalent.
  • Ages 13‐15 — Same as 7‐12yo and also 100S or ARC restricted or 4 stroke equivalent.
  • Ages 16+ — Max. 125cc gearbox engine and 4 stroke equivalent.
  • Drivers wishing to drive with an engine not mentioned or above there age must get approval from Stony Creek Go Karts prior to racing.

Kart Requirements

  • All karts must be fitted with side pods & nose cone unless prior approval made.
  • Max. KZ-class karts or equivalent.
  • Exhaust Muffler/Silencer to be fitted at all times.

To discuss memberships please call:

Weekends and school holidays

(03) 5664 7272


Callum — 0468 352 787