Hire Karts

9HP Hire Karts: Sodi RT8

The main kart at Stony Creek, the French-built Sodi RT8.

Fitted with Honda GX270 4-stroke engines, The 9 horsepower kart-racing modified engines will generate speeds of up to 70 km/h.

All have fully adjustable seats for comfort, a centrifugal clutch system and belt drive to guarantee you a smoother ride than chain driven go-karts. The RT8's safety features include PROSLIDE 360 impact absorption and rollover protection with seatbelts.

Minimum driver height: 140cm; no age limit.

70 km/h top speed
9 horsepower power
57.50 seconds avg. lap time
51.105seconds best lap time

Phoenix dual-kart

Bring your little racer along in the Phoenix dual-seat kart.

Passengers between 5–10 years old.
Drivers must be at least 16 years old.

Dual-kart passengers ride for free.

Hire Kart Prices

Arrive & Drive rates for drivers wishing to use our hire karts. No Membership required.
Groups of 10 or more receive exclusive use of track.

10 Minutes

Per driver
1× 10 minute session

Sodi RT8 kart or
Phoenix dual-kart

20 Minutes

Per driver
2× 10 minute sessions

Sodi RT8 kart or
Phoenix dual-kart

Save 21%
30 Minutes

Per driver
3× 10 minute sessions

Sodi RT8 kart or
Phoenix dual-kart

Save 33%
40 Minutes

Per driver
4× 10 minute sessions

Sodi RT8 kart or
Phoenix dual-kart

Save 39%

Dual-kart passengers ride for free.

Hire Kart rules

Drivers and karts must comply with all safety, age and attire requirements and restrictions.

If you have any queries regarding these requirements please contact a Stony Creek Go Karts staff member.

Driver Requirements

  • Minimum driver height 140cm
  • Minimum child passenger age 4 years (for dual-seat kart)
  • If using your own helmet it must be Australian Standard Approved.
  • Fully enclosed footwear is essential.
  • T-shirts and shorts are fine for hire karts.


  • Go-karting is a non-contact sport, dangerous driving is not allowed. This includes any bumping, swerving and drifting.
  • Hold your line and do not deliberately block others.
  • Exit and enter the pits at a walking pace
  • Remain seated in your kart at all times unless instructed by a track marshal.
  • Stick to the track surface and don't cut any corners or parts of the track. Avoid swerving where possible.
  • Never stop on the track unless of an emergency or instructed by a marshal.
    If for any reason you stop on the track or side of track, raise your hand. If you are able to continue driving, enter back onto the track slowly, making sure you don't cut off another driver.
    If you are unable to continue to drive, raise your hand and a marshal will come and assist you. Remember to stay seated in your kart.
  • Only use one pedal at a time.
  • Any loose clothing is not to be worn. Hoodies and long hair are to be tucked in. Fully enclosed footwear is compulsory.
  • Always look ahead in case of a crash or obstacles. Treat these as a yellow flag.
  • Drive with etiquette and respect the other drivers out on the track. Everyone drives with a different skill level, please be mindful of this.
  • Marshals have the power to turn any kart off at any moment if the driver is driving dangerously, please keep this in mind whilst out on the track.
  • All karts are timed, and the winner is designated the fastest lap. Your time printout will also calculate the theoretical race winner. Do not try to drive dangerously to get in front of another kart.
  • Stony Creek Go Karts withhold the right to cancel/stop short without refund anyone they deem to be breaking the rules.


Green flag / Light or No Light

Track is clear, racing has started/resumed.

Black & white chequered flag / Red Light

End of racing. Complete the lap in a safe manner being prepared to stop in case of a serious accident ahead and come slowly into pits.

Yellow flag / Light

Slow down, take caution and be prepared to avoid a crash. Raise hand to notify other drivers. No overtaking under yellow flag.

Black flag

Track marshal will wave and point at you / hold up kart number. Pull over in a safe manner. If flag is seen raise hand to notify other drivers.

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