Club DayRacing

Club Day Racing

Driver Requirements

  • All drivers must fit the kart properly.
  • Must have own full-face Australian Standards Approved helmet & must be worn at all times & securely fastened.
  • Full length protective clothing (arms & legs must be covered).
  • Fully enclosed shoes (no thongs or sandals.)
  • Bring your own tools, as tools will not be loaned out by Stony Creek Go Karts

Age Restrictions

  • 7‐13 years old — Comer S60 or Yamaha KT100J. or 4 stroke equivalent.
  • 13‐15 years old — Same as 7‐13yo and also 100S or ARC restricted or 4 stroke equivalent.
  • 16 years & above — Max. 125cc gearbox engine and 4 stroke equivalent.
  • Drivers wishing to drive with an engine not mentioned or above there age must get approval from Stony Creek Go Karts prior to racing.

Kart Requirements

  • All karts must be fitted with side pods & nose cone unless prior approval made.
  • Max. KZ-class karts or equivalent.
  • Exhaust Muffler/Silencer to be fitted at all times.

If you have any queries regarding these requirements please contact a Stony Creek Go Karts staff member.

Call us to make a booking:

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Ethan — 0448 132 636
Callum — 0468 352 787